Porto Rotondo, one of the most famous national and international tourism destinations, is a jewel located in the far north-east of Sardinia. This dream location, together with Porto Cervo, rivals as one of the most exclusive locations in Sardinia.

Some good reasons to choose Porto Rotondo as your holiday destination:

The Village

The architecture of Porto Rotondo is inspired by the beauty of Venice. It is no coincidence that the main square is called Piazzetta San Marco. The sumptuous residences and luxury venues stand like gems along the canals, creating a unique atmosphere.

The Tourist Port

The tourist port of Porto Rotondo is a point of reference with 800 berths. Here, yachts and dream boats dock, offering a breathtaking spectacle.

The fairytale beaches

Porto Rotondo boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. The Ira Beach, Rudargia Beach, Sassi Beach, Punta Volpe Beach and nearby, the large Marinella beach, are just some of the options for enjoying the crystal clear sea.

Worldly Life

In summer Porto Rotondo becomes the red carpet of the Italian and international jet-set. The splendid villas overlooking the port welcome guests of fame and style.

The Dream Atmosphere

Imagine walking through the alleys, admiring the glittering boats and enjoying the sunset on the coast. Porto Rotondo is a place where dreams come true.

Porto Rotondo - Savor the Sun in Sardinia

Porto Rotondo - Sardinia's Sunlit Hideaway

Porto Rotondo - Where Sunsets Meet Sardinian Shores